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You Are Complete In Christ…

To download the Bible Study Preparation Materials for August 25, 2010, please click here.

  • This week in Bible Study we will be studying our completeness in Jesus Christ our Lord because of what HE has done for us.
  • The scriptural basis for the lesson will be Colossians 2:11-15.
Lesson Outline:
The Colossians (and so are we) were ‘complete’ because of four things:
  1. Circumcision illustrating regeneration
  2. Baptism illustrating resurrection
  3. Forgiveness illustrating reconciliation
  4. Atonement illustrating righteousness
Bible Study Question of the week:
What are the implications for Christians of being ‘complete’ in Christ?
How should knowledge of this truth  (Note:  we talked about truth last week and the week before:) affect the daily lives of believers?
Please explain your response(s) below.  If you are able, please provide a
biblical reference (explanation) for your answer.

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  1. Shenita Johnson says

    God is our Joy and completion is only through Him when our Will is united with HIs. Because the Bible states that we must worship God in Spirit and in Truth, Circumcision, generally believed to be a physical action that Jews complied with, stipulating that male Jews had to be circumcised. But, Jesus, said, the fulfillment of the Law is to Love Your Brother as Yourself and to Love God, OUR Father, above all else. Symbolically, metaphysically (beyond the physical), to be circumcised means that we need to sever all ties to the ego or devil by choosing to follow God, through the power of the Holy Spirit. When our thoughts are clean and pure, then our lifestyles will reflect our inner-being, making us receptive to the Will of God. But, when our thoughts against our brother are negative ones or if we are consumed by worldly concerns, then we will not be able to reap the Spiritual Gifts of God. “Cutting away” evil thoughts will make our lives, as believers, fertile so we can create and multiply, spirutally. Completion can only be found in Unity with God and our brothers.

    Baptism refers to Spiritual Union with God through love of our brothers that is guided by the Holy Spirit. In order to remember God and our true Self as His Child, we must seek the Truth that will set us free. Baptism on a physical level cannot lead to completion, otherwise, once someone is baptised by water, they would, instantly, have a pure heart and conform their will to God’s Will. So, Baptism relates to our thought-life. In order to love our brothers as ourselves and to know God, our Father, we must choose to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. We must choose to serve God and love our brothers and Him. Once a believer is baptized by the Holy Spirit, there will be evidence of their conversion, which will be shown by how one treats their brothers.

    Forgiveness of others and ourselves is crucial to experiencing completion, which can only be found when we are one with all of our brothers and God. Jesus said, the Father and I are One and the Bible states that Our God is One. Spiritual Oneness with our brothers and God is the real meaning of Love. Love or Oneness is completion.

    Atonement means to become aware of God’s presence in onesself and others. God is “Our” Father as Jesus referenced in the Lord’s Prayer, meaning that He is the Creator and Father of everyone; making all of us brothers. God is Spirit and we are made in His Image and Likeness, being Spiritual beings. Whenever we forget who we are…the Perfect Child of God…it’s because of fearful thoughts. God did not give us a spirit of fear. When God’s child becomes fearful, it is because he has chosen to listen to the ego/devil and believe that he is separate from God and his brothers. At that point, he becomes vile and can do heinous acts against others. Of course, the Truth is that separation from God is totally and utterly, impossible, since God is Omniscient (everywhere present). It’s an insane thought, but many believe that we can separate ourselves from Him by our mistakes. Such brothers believe they will be punished by God, for their sins, so they fear Him. They are afraid of God’s judgment, so they try to run and hide (like Adam & Eve). They believe in death and that sin is more powerful than God. However, because it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to lead us to the Truth (God) and God does not Will any to be lost, a brother can repent from his insane belief in separation and “wake up” to an awareness of His perfection (on a spiritual level) in God. Thus, atoning for his own sin or errors in thinking (missing the mark). Atonement is a correction that eradicates fearful thoughts and belief in separation and makes one aware of the Truth that God loves us. To know the Truth sets One free. Loving people are kind and demonstrate the fruit of the Holy Spirit. We are free and complete when we know who we are In God and Christ (the Sonship).

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