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You Are Complete In Christ…

To download the Bible Study Preparation Materials for August 25, 2010, please click here.

  • This week in Bible Study we will be studying our completeness in Jesus Christ our Lord because of what HE has done for us.
  • The scriptural basis for the lesson will be Colossians 2:11-15.
Lesson Outline:
The Colossians (and so are we) were ‘complete’ because of four things:
  1. Circumcision illustrating regeneration
  2. Baptism illustrating resurrection
  3. Forgiveness illustrating reconciliation
  4. Atonement illustrating righteousness
Bible Study Question of the week:
What are the implications for Christians of being ‘complete’ in Christ?
How should knowledge of this truth  (Note:  we talked about truth last week and the week before:) affect the daily lives of believers?
Please explain your response(s) below.  If you are able, please provide a
biblical reference (explanation) for your answer.

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