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How Should God’s Majesty Affect Your Life?

To download the Bible Study Preparation Materials for December 1, 2010, please click here.

Two weeks ago in Bible Study we continued our study of the book of Job by examining Job’s and Job’s friends’ perspective on the justice of God.  We searched for a application in our own lives concerning the justice of God as it regards atonement, reconciliation, sanctification, and glorification.  We examined how our faith in God should look to one another and to the non-believer in Jesus Christ.  We also had a sharing moment in which some of us talked of a time when we felt that God was silent (the circumstances, how we felt, and what we did).

This week  we will study Job’s (and his friend’s) understanding of the Sovereign Lord.  Ask you study the passages for this lesson, ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you and show you how His majesty should affect your life!

As it has been stated over the past few weeks, we are examining Job in large chunks of scripture.  So please feel free to read ahead and review chapters 3:1 – 37:24

Bible Study Scripture:  Job 5:9-16; 5:8,17-27; 9:1-20; 12:13-25; 23:13-17; 26:5-14; 36:5,22-33; 37:1-24

Lesson Outline:

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Read Job Job 5:9-16; 5:8,17-27 and review/discuss
  3. Read 9:1-20; 12:13-25; 23:13-17; 26:5-14 and review/discuss
  4. What you think about Job’s feelings?
  5. Read 36:5,22-33; 37:1-24 and review/discuss what the young man Elihu says
  6. How do you think a person should speak about and treat the God whom Job and his friends have described?  Give specific examples that apply to you!
  7. Summary
  8. Closing Prayer

Bible Study Question of the week:

In the New International Version (NIV) of the Holy Bible, the word “Sovereign” occurs 298 times.  It occurs mostly in the Old Testament (5 times in the New Testament).  In all instances, except in the book of Daniel (“sovereign” or some form of the word “sovereign” occurs 7 times here), what follows “Sovereign” is “Lord.”  So “Sovereign Lord” must have been important term for the children of Israel and since its occurrence in the Bible is so prevalent, “Sovereign Lord” should be very important us as Christians.

What does “Sovereign Lord” mean to you?  If you are able, please provide scripture to support your response:)

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