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If You Could Meet God Face-To-Face today, What Would You Say?

To download the Bible Study Preparation Materials for December 15, 2010, please click here.

This week  we will study how Job demands a trial with God as the judge.  We will seek to find an application to our lives as we examine our service/ministry for God.  As you study the passages for this lesson, be prayerful and ask God to reveal the meaning of His Holy Word to you.

As it has been stated over the past few weeks, we are examining Job in large chunks of scripture.  So please feel free to read ahead and review chapters 3:1 – 37:24

Bible Study Scripture:  Job 27:11-23; 29:12-17; 31:4-40; 19:25-27; James 1:5-8

Lesson Outline:

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Read Job 27:11-23; 29:12-17; 31:4-40; 19:25-27 and review/discuss
  3. Discuss question of the week
  4. Read James 1:5-8 and review/discuss
  5. Summary
  6. Closing Prayer

Bible Study Question of the week:

If you could meet God face-to-face today and tell Him exactly what you think of the way He is running the universe and your life, what would you say?  If possible please use scripture to support your answer:)

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  1. Shenita Johnson says

    I would, first of all thank God for his Immeasureable goodness and for helping me, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in my mind, to traverse the “hills and valleys” of this “life”. I’d thank him for allowing me to live long enough to test my own faith in Him, meaning that He gave me longevity to acquire wisdom to see the unphanthomable debths of his Love and mercy. Through maturity, I have realized His Love for me is unconditional and I have been able to find and stay on the “narrow path” of Truth. Admittedly, though, I “trip up” and sometimes, fail – mistakes happen. But, thankfully, I can be forgiven and start fresh. I would thank Him for giving me eternal life and the awareness that nothing can separate me from Him.

    Jesus said, “my Kingdom is not of this world” and scripture says that “Satan is the prince of this world.” Scripture says that God is Spirit. The universe is not controlled by God because it is not perfect – it changes. God does not change and anything He creates is like Him, since He is Omnipresent. God’s realm is Spirit, like Him. In fact – God is Heaven. Jesus said, “the Father and I are One” meaning that His Will is unified with the Will of God. In essence, One with God’s Will. At the time Jesus spoke those words, He was a human being, speaking, but He was referring to the Spiritual realm “the Father and I are One.” God doesn’t run the universe because it isn’t perfect. Unless an individual chooses to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them to the Truth – which is God – they will not be able to remember God. I say, remember because God created us Spirit – like Himself and Eternal, like Himself. We are made in the “image and likeness of God” according to Scripture.

    We are a thought in the Mind of God and we are all, “sons of God” according to the Bible. Being His “son” I have his DNA – I’m Eternal Spirit. I cannot die, be sick, or suffer. Nothing outside my Mind can adversely affect me because in Truth, “my Kingdom is not of this world”. The Lord’s Prayer says, “Thy Kingdom come – Thy Will be done – on earth – as it is in Heaven”. So, obviously, this world/universe or material realm is not God’s Kingdom. God does not require an abode since He is Heaven and we dwell in Him.

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