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What Does God Want Your Relationship With Him To Be Like?

To download the Bible Study Preparation Materials for December 22, 2010, please click here.

The debate between Job and his friends centers around the nature and character of God- whether He is truly just, good, and sovereign.  But equally important are questions about man.

As you prepare for tomorrow’s Bible Study, please consider the following questions:

  • What does God expect of a person?
  • What kind of relationship does God desire with a human, and how can it be achieved?
  • What does God think of you?  What does He want your relationship with Him to be like?  How will this affect your priorities this week?

As it has been stated over the past few weeks, we are examining Job in large chunks of scripture.  So please feel free to read ahead and review chapters 3:1 – 37:24

Bible Study Scriptures for this week:  Job 4:17-21; 7:17-18; 14:15; 15:14-16; 25:1-6; 10:8-12; Genesis 1:26-31; Genesis 6:5-6; Genesis 8:21; Psalm 8:3-8; Luke 12:6-7,24-28; John 3:16

Bible Study Question of the week:

What does your knowledge of Scripture lead you to think an ideal relationship with God should be like?  (If you do not know, research this in the New Testament).  How can this be obtained?  If possible please use scripture to support your answer:)

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