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An Arm Like God’s

To download the Bible Study Preparation Materials for January 26, 2011, please click here.

To download Min. Hightower’s Bible Study Notes for January 26, 2011, please click here.

Last week in Bible Study, we studied and learned about God’s wisdom and contrasted it with human wisdom.  As we worked our way to the end of the lesson, we noted that after Job beheld God’s wisdom through a series of questions that God directed at Job, Job was silenced.  But Job was not fully satisfied.  Do we ever feel this way?  After receiving many answers to our problems and situations in life (through the word of God), are we fully satisfied?

This week in Bible Study, we will examine God’s second round of questions that are directed at Job.  A judge must not be only wise enough to decide what is right, but that judge must be powerful enough to ensure that right prevails!  Job’s friends thought they knew how to manage God.  They thought they knew how to tell God how to execute his justice.  Again I ask, do we ever feel this way?  Do we ever attempt to manage God in our lives?  Or are we content with letting God manage our lives?

Here is the question of the week:

In your opinion why did not God answer Job’s questions or explain about Satan and the test?  What does this reveal about God?  Considering Job was blameless and upright, his circumstances and all that happened to him, and why it has happened, how do you reconcile these facts or information with James 1:12-1.  If you are able, please provide scriptural reference(s) to support your answer(s).  Please provide your response below.

Lord willing, I will see you Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at Bible Study at Union Baptist Church in the fellowship hall.

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