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The Righteous Will Live By Faith!!!

To download the Bible Study Preparation Materials for February 09, 2011, please click here.

To download the Supplemental Bible Study Preparation Materials for February 09, 2011, please click here.

This week in Bible Study we will begin our study of the book of Romans.  I am very excited and hopeful about the start of our study of this Epistle (Letter to the church in Rome) that was written by the Apostle Paul.  I am excited because the book of Romans provides a treasure chest full of foundational principles to help us as we walk by faith with God.  By hopeful I mean that I am hoping that God can touch all of our hearts and inspire us as we read the book of Romans.  As we study the book of Romans I am praying for God to provide an overflow of wisdom  and knowledge to all of us.

Our lesson topic/title for the week is:  “The Righteous Will Live By Faith!”  This scripture comes from Romans 1:17 and Habakkuk 2:4.  I believe that this topic/title pretty much summarizes the book of Romans.  Hence this provides a wonderful entry point into our study of the book of Romans.

I will be using two different books (as well as a commentary on the book of Romans) as I prepare our weekly lesson.  I will be using “A life-changing encounter with God’s Word from the book of Romans” from the Life Change Series of NAVPRESS and “Book of Romans:  God’s Big Picture” by Max Lucado.  The lesson preparation materials will be taken from both of these books.  Please take the time to review the lesson handouts that I am providing from each book.  First work through the primary handout and if you have time then work through the supplemental handout.  This will provide you some early preparation for the Bible Study.  But if you are unable to read the handouts, please  still come to Bible Study.  I believe that all of you (as well as a friend or two of yours) can contribute and bless our Bible Study experience.

Here is Bible Study question of the week:

What have you been set apart to be or do?  What have you been set apart from?  How can you fulfill this holy status better?

Please feel free to use scriptures (passages) from the Bible if you are able.  You can submit your responses below.

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