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Deaconess Board

To support the Pastor and Deacon Board in advancing the ordinances, doctrines and general interest of the Church and community.

To provide for the spiritual needs of the Church body and to mentor the women and girls of the Church and community


Debbie Allen
Margo BourneĀ - Chair
Francine Boykin
Gloria Fisher
Pamela Harding
Nikki Hightower
Barbara McDermott
Beverly Reid
Charlotte Hervey – Emeritus

4 Responses

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  1. Margo says

    Charles I’m not sure if the list of deaconess’ is alphabetical, Debbie Allen should be at the begining.

  2. admin says

    Thanks so much Margo. I will put the list of deaconess (as well as other boards in alphabetical order)


  3. Margo says

    Hi Charles, Wendell and I were at Cheo’s play last night. I saw the brochure, but interestingly I don’t have Adobe reader, so can’t ’see’ the brochure on the site. I’m sure it’s OK, especially if you have taken my address and phone # off. The hours of the sleepover are: 6/18 5:30pm to 6/19 6pm.
    Thanks, Margo

  4. Rev.. Dr. David Allan Gould says

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
    My name is Pastor Dave Gould (originally from Everett, MA) now pastor of two churches in Southeastern Oklahoma, wanted to let you know that we are in prayer as you are in search of a new Pastor. May God shower you one blessing after another!

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