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Fatherhood Program

The Cambridge Fatherhood Program (CFP) is a non-profit, collaborative effort, committed to helping fathers of all ages, become responsible and nurturing parents, by providing advocacy and support, in the areas of education and job training, parental and relationship-building skills. We hold that ‘child support’ is both financial and emotional commitment; integral to the responsibility of a father and vital to the wellbeing of a child.

Our Constituency
The Cambridge Fatherhood Program (CFP) will serve fathers of all ages who are on probation for having committed a ‘low level’, non-Federal, criminal offense (as defined by the Massachusetts Judicial System) and who live in Boston, Cambridge and the surrounding communities.

Our Vision
The Cambridge Fatherhood Program (CFP) recognizes its charge to embrace the fathers who enter into our program. Our goal is to establish respect for one’s role as a parent, by respecting one’s responsibility to the child; to become a bridge to the reunion between father and child by providing life changing opportunities and to foster self-pride through positive accomplishment. Our vision is to become a visible, accessible and continuing resource to the communities we serve, where we can facilitate the growth into responsible fatherhood. We believe that by shaping a father, we will save a child.

The Five Principles of Responsible Fatherhood
As a father, it is my responsibility to:

1. Give affection to my children.
2. Give gently guidance to my children.
3. Provide financial support to my children and to the mother of my children.
4. Demonstrate respect at all times to the mother of my children.
5. Set a proud example for my children by living within the law and without the taint of alcohol and drug use.

Leader: Deacon Marshall Thompson

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