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Stewardship Board


Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to develop, maintain, and administer a plan of fiscal and administrative policies, procedures, and management services by means of Godly Stewardship.

The Stewardship Committee will:

  1. Teach biblical stewardship
  2. Operate under a strict code ethics and constitution of the church
  3. Develop and implement wise fiscal plans and sometimes making hard decisions
  4. Encourage people to give
  5. Report information and accomplishments
  6. Monitor funds wisely
  7. Provide wise counsel to the Leadership and Officers


The success of Union’s financial program is in great measure tied to the choice of qualified personnel for the Finance Committee.  The following guide should be used in their selection.

  • Dedication to the work of the Jesus Christ
  • While the committee members may have different strengths, each member is to recognize that the effectiveness of the Committee comes from working together as a team
  • Good business ability
  • Willing to devote the necessary time and effort – expected to regularly attend Committee meetings
  • Of high regard and influence among the church members – above reproach in all dealings regarding the church’s/God’s financial resources and make decisions consistent with the laws of the government and the policies and procedures of the church
  • Ability to make difficult conversations productive
  • Hold all sensitive financial data in strictest confidence.

The Finance Committee has seven members, consisting of the Church Treasurer and six other members elected by the church.  Traditionally there is one representative from both the Deacon and Trustee Boards sitting on the Committee.

Name Email address Phone
Ron Bowden
Quintus McDermott
Damali Omolade
Venee Tubman – Chair
Sabrina Limage
Cheryl Williams


This committee shall have responsibility for but not limited to

  1. Oversight of the matter of raising funds, suggesting to the church the manner in which usual monies shall be raised.
  2. They shall prepare a budget to be proposed for adoption at the December meeting.  The Committee shall always be subject to the church for final authority and decision.
  3. Implement the budget as the financial plan of the church  – review budget, policies & procedure, and ministry goals with ministries quarterly
  4. Review the financial statements of the church on a monthly basis
  5. Review financial operations in light of church policy, making recommendation for procedural changes to the Church Council and/or Pastor
  6. Recommend financial policy to the Church Council and/or Pastor
  7. Conduct internal audits as needed and report to the Church Council and/or Pastor – form an audit committee in conjunction with the Trustee Board
  8. Review banking relationships, deposit services and debt obligations
  9. Communicate regularly with the Trustee and Deacon Boards

Annually review the work of the Committee and its responsibilities, job descriptions and etc and make necessary changes