About this Event

Virtual Women’s Conference with 3 sessions to inspire, support and encourage women of faith! You will need access to FB, YouTube and Zoom.


RESILIENCE – Are you born with it? Can you learn it like a skill? Do we all have it? Is it something God can give us? Join us for a weekend designed to pour life back into women of faith.

Join First Lady Concetta Green and the Women of Union Baptist Church for RESILIENCE 2020 – UBC Women’s Conference. Our Guest Speakers include Meg Delagrange-Belfon and Pastor Christi Lee Miranda. The Virtual Conference will be held NOVEMBER 13-15, 2020 and is FREE to all Registrants.
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FRIDAY, 11/13 AT 7:00PM ET


Born and raised Amish, Meg Delagrange-Belfon (Denver, CO) is a creative entrepreneur who went on to build a thriving career as an artist and business owner. Her work has been published and featured on: FOX Business, The Magnolia Journal, USA TODAY Women Magazine and Getty Images. Following Meg’s live instruction, no matter your skill level, you will leave this session with your own work of art reflecting the journey you have been carried through!


1 Canvas (small or medium sized)

1 Big brush

1 Medium brush

1 Tiny brush

3 paint colors – red, black and white (recommended brand is Folk Art craft paint found a Walmart, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. You can also find all of these supplies at DollarTree)

1 plate (dinner plate or styrofoam plate)

1 cup of water

1 Plastic table cloth and paper towels

1 Pen or Pencil to write with

1 Piece of paper OR print out the FREE workbook that comes with your class for note-taking. You will receive the PDF with your conference registration.

SATURDAY, 11/14 10:30AM ET


Pastor Christi Miranda (Orange, TX) serves as the Connection Pastor at One City Church in Beaumont, TX. In her newly released book, “Heels & Valleys: Confessions of a Church Girl” Pastor Christi walks readers through the raw terrain of marriage, divorce, ministry and business. Save the date for this powerful conversation and message of loss and recovery to find strength for your journey.

SUNDAY, 11/15 10:30AM ET


Keynote Speaker, Pastor Christi Miranda (Orange, TX) will close the conference by speaking on Women’s Day. She will speak to the resilience in all of us as we pursue the peace of God. Tell a friend and log on to www.facebook/ubccambridge/live at 10:30am ET!